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12 December 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Sherlock Ballad  
Title: The Man Who Shot Moriarty
Author: moriartytomato 
Warnings: Implied character death?
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: No characters belong to me.

The Man Who Shot Moriarty
If you look’d into the window
One frosty London night
Of 221B Baker street
You might get a delight.
For as you know, dweleth right here
Does quite a famous pair
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson:
Criminals beware.
From outside the fogged window 
You can clearly see
A gleeful Mr Holmes; he has
Wind of a mystery.
So out into the night he runs
Eager to solve the case
Followed by John Watson
They’re already on the chase.
At the crime scene they arrive
Ready to do their stuff
Scotland Yard’s out of their depth
So they called in the buff.
The room is surveyed carefully
By Sherlock’s eagle eye
He never misses a single clue
So he sees what’s awry.
Then John emits quite a loud gasp
Of surprise and slight shock
“Come over here right now!”
He yells at Sherlock.
So the great consulting detect’ve
Walks over to the corpse
And examines the small body
And head in due course.
He takes one look and then one more
Surely it cannot be?
The corpse bears a resemblance
To the great Moriarty.
Then he looks over at John his friend
Who gives a little wink
And says to the observers
Exactly what they think.
But Sherlock does not hear a word
Of what his partner says
For once he is shocked to see
They way that John behaves.
He cannot piece together
The evidence he sees
Because he fears he’ll find a picture
With which he’ll not be pleased.
But then he thinks that maybe it’s
Really quite a thriller
That John his friend could be the man
Who is Moriarty’s killer.
Because the man who killed good old Jim
Would have to be quite smart
That John’s the man who shot Moriarty
Quickens Sherlock’s heart.
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